Wheel (Bucket) Washer

CONSTMACH Wheel Washers are used for washing out the clay in the sand for the purpose of increasing the sand quality. Thanks to their simple design they have an ease in assembly process,these bucket wheels provide advantages to the users with low power consumption and water saving.

Features of CONSTMACH Wheel Washers
  • Simple structure;
  • Water saving;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Ease of installation.

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Wheel (Bucket) Washer Technical Specifications
MODEL Motor Power (kW) Capacity (m³/h) Bucket Size (mm) Wheel Speed (rpm) Wheel Diameter (mm) Number of Buckets
CKY - 80 5,5 80 – 90 800 x 550 2,5 Φ3.000 40
CKY - 100 7,5 110 - 120 1.000 x 550 2,5 Φ3.000 40
Our shipping friendly wheel washers minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and 40 ft OT containers.
Wheel (Bucket) Washer Video
Wheel (Bucket) Washer E-Catalog

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