Information Text for the Protection of Personal Data Law

CONSTMACH İŞ MAKİNALARI İMALAT SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Human Resources Department places maximum importance on the lawful protection and processing of Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. We meticulously adhere to this principle in all our planning and activities.

We not only evaluate the protection and processing of Personal Data based on legal compliance but also emphasize the foundation of our approach, which is the value we give to individuals. With this awareness, the Human Resources Department takes all necessary administrative and technical measures for the protection and processing of Personal Data. To ensure policy compliance, awareness-raising efforts are made for employees, orientation processes for new employees are implemented, and necessary adjustments are carried out.

Examples of Personal Data include:

  • Identity Data: Name, surname, date of birth, country of birth, city of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, Turkish ID card information (ID number, serial number, wallet number, father's name, mother's name, place of birth, province, district, neighborhood, volume number, family sequence number, sequence number, household number, page number, registration number, place of issue, reason for issue, issue date, previous surname), copy of ID card.
  • Contact Data: Phone number, address, email address, corporate communication information (internal phone number, corporate email address).
  • Financial Data: Financial and salary details, payroll, bonus entitlements, bonus amounts, file and debt information related to execution proceedings, bank account statement, minimum subsistence allowance information, private health insurance amount.
  • Special Qualified Personal Data: Membership in a union, former convict status/criminal record, disability status/definition/percentage, religion, health data, blood type, private health insurance policy, health reports, starting work health report, chest X-ray, hearing test, eye test, entry and periodic examination forms signed by the occupational health physician, pregnancy status, pregnancy report, health and maternity leave information, association/foundation memberships.
  • Education Data: Education status, certificate and diploma information, foreign language skills, education and skills, CV, courses taken.
  • Visual and Auditory Data: Photographs, voice recordings, camera recordings.
  • Employee Performance and Career Development Data: Training and skills, information about the date of training received, email, signed participation form, customer interview quality assessment form, monthly performance evaluation and achievement status, activity information.
  • Family and Relative Data: Marriage certificate; name, surname, Turkish ID number, gender, date of birth, height, weight, position, and phone number of spouse and children; names, surnames, and phone numbers of relatives.
  • Work Data: Personnel number, position name, department and unit, title, date of last employment, entry and exit dates, insurance entry/retirement, allocation number, social security number, TTF number, tax office number, flexible working hours status, holding registration number, travel status, retirement fund, retirement fund entry date, retirement fund registration number, Bağkur entry date, Bağkur registration number, accounting code, number of working days, projects worked on, monthly total overtime information, seniority pay base date, seniority pay additional days, days spent on strike.
  • Leave Data: Leave seniority base date, leave seniority additional days, leave group, exit/return date, days, reason for leave, address/phone during leave.

Purposes and Legal Bases for Processing Personal Data: Our company processes Personal Data for various purposes, including creating personnel files, fulfilling legal obligations, providing information to authorized institutions, monitoring work continuity, conducting personnel evaluations, managing legal processes against our company, organizing business trips and expense reports, determining professional qualifications, conducting communication, analyzing reasons for leaving, analyzing overtime reasons, implementing occupational health and safety practices, ensuring the safety of employees, protecting assets, preventing losses, and coordinating employees.

The legal bases for processing Personal Data include compliance with laws such as the Labor Law No. 4857, Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098, Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, and related regulations. Additionally, Personal Data may be processed, stored, and recorded to contact in case of need, for statistical studies, and to provide information for local law enforcement and the Directorate of Organized Industry, as required.

Furthermore, data related to health, criminal convictions, and security measures are processed to fulfill legal obligations, provide information to authorized institutions, and implement workplace health and safety measures.

Method of Collecting Personal Data: Personal data is collected through various methods, including filling out job application forms, sharing CVs, online job applications on our website, filling out forms defined in our procedures by our HR department, providing onboarding documents during hiring, filling out forms during training, submitting daily attendance records, overtime forms, and requested information through HR forms.

Transfer of Personal Data: Our company complies with the regulations outlined in the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) when transferring personal data. Except for exceptional cases specified in the legislation, personal and sensitive data is not transferred to other individuals or legal entities without the explicit consent of the data owner. In exceptional cases required by KVKK and other legislation, utmost care is taken to comply with the specified procedures and limitations during the transfer of personal data to authorized administrative or judicial institutions or private organizations.

Storage and Protection of Personal Data: Personal data is stored securely in the company's databases and systems, adhering to the confidentiality requirements of KVKK Article 12. No sharing with third parties, except for legal obligations and the regulations specified in this document, is allowed. The company is responsible for implementing software measures, access management, and physical security measures to prevent the unlawful processing of personal data and unauthorized access.

Duration of Storage for Personal Data: Your personal data will be stored for the duration defined in the relevant laws as long as you are employed. If you leave the company, your data will be stored for 15 years.

Your Rights According to KVKK Article 11: In accordance with KVKK, you have the right to: a) Learn whether your personal data is being processed, b) Request information if your personal data has been processed, c) Learn the purpose of processing and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, ç) Know third parties to whom personal data is transferred domestically/internationally, d) Request correction if your personal data is incomplete/incorrect, e) Request the anonymization, deletion, or destruction of your personal data within the framework of KVKK Article 7, f) Be informed about the transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred, g) Object to the occurrence of a result against you due to analysis by exclusively automated systems, ğ) Request compensation if you suffer damage due to unlawful processing.

Where to Apply for the Status of My Personal Data: For situations related to your personal data as defined in this policy: • Via registered email (KEP) to constmach@hs01.kep.tr with the KVKK Application Form (signed and scanned), • In writing, submit the KVKK Application Form to the Human Resources Department.

How Long Does it Take to Process my Application for the Status of my Personal Data? Your petition or email request will be responded to within 30 days through the contact method you specified.

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