Screw Washer

CONSTMACH Screw Washers are used to wash fine materials by featuring high capacity, easy maintenance, Easily replaceable spare parts, convenient assembly and high performance. Constmach sand washing screws process gravel, sand or crushed 0-5 mm stone containing excessive clay/dirt.

  • Heavy steel plate construction
  • Durable body and long life
  • Oil lubricated heavy duty gear box designed by Constmach experts
  • Large operating service factor resulting in long life cycle
  • Replaceable bolted cast white iron wear shoes
  • Single or twin shaft configurations

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Screw Washer Technical Specifications
MODEL SIZE Motor Power (kW) Capacity (m³/h) Screw Speed (rpm) Water Requirement Weight
(m³/h) (kg)
0-3 mm 0-7 mm
CHY 50 Φ500x 5.000 5,5 25 45 24 25-45 2.800
CHY 60 Φ600x 6.000 2 x 7,5 40 75 20 35-55 5.200
CHY 75 Φ750 x 7.500 2 x 7,5 45 80 20 40-60 5.800
CHY 80 Φ800 x 8.000 2 x 11 50 90 20 45-65 6.250
Our shipping friendly screw washers minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and 40 ft OT containers.
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