Stationary Crushing Plants

CONSTMACH designs and manufactures crushing and screening plants with different configurations and capacity values as per clients’ needs and preferences. Production capacity values of our crushing and screening plants changes between 50 to 1.000 tph. Configurations and layouts of our crushing and screening plants are defined according to different criterias such as

  • Required production capacity,
  • Type, hardness and abrasiveness level of the material to be crushed,
  • Maximal size of the feeding material,
  • Sizes of required final fractions.

As per our customers' needs and demands different types of crushers can be used. It is possible also to use the different crushers in the same configuration.

Our design team configures various 3D layouts by using our different types and sizes of feeders, crushers, screens, hoppers, washers and conveyors.

Our company’s main target is always to support our clients to choose the most suitable designs as per their real needs and to help them to avoid mis-investments that will cause waste of finance and/or high operational costs.

Please contact us to get the most suitable and optimized projects and offers that will be prepared by our engineering team and meet with your requirements completely.

CONSTMACH Crushing & Screening plants are equipped with high-tech automation system including top class SIEMENS – SCHNEIDER brand electronic components and PLC.

Stationary Crushing Plants Technical Specifications

Technical specifications and main configurations of our crushing and screening plants change according to

Production capacity of the plant
Quantity and size of final fractions
Type of material to be crushed.
Shipping friendly equipment of our crushing plants minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and 40 ft OT containers.
Stationary Crushing Plants Video
Stationary Crushing Plants General Layout

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