Prefeeding Conveyor

Aggregate pre-feeding systems are our alternative solutions to the loading ramps which are necessary for charging the hoppers by loaders. In case of using of aggregate prefeeding conveyors in our concrete batching plants, loading ramp construction for loaders does not require. Thus the jobsite infrastructure investment and also oil consumption for loaders are minimized. Our pre-feeding systems can be used in all types of our concrete plants.

Our aggregate prefeeding systems are classified as mobile and stationary types. Mobile systems can be moved by only a vehicle just like our mobile concrete plants.

CONSTMACH aggregate prefeeding systems are equipped with remote controller and also CCTV system which is integrated to the control system of concrete plant so that the system can be controlled and operated by concrete plant operator easily.

Prefeeding Conveyor Technical Specifications
Hopper Volume 7 m³
Aggregate Transfer Conveyor 800 x 18.000 mm
Vibromotor Power 0.55 kW
Control Type Automatic & Manual
Material Transport Capacity 250 tph
Sizes in Transport Position of Mobile Types 12 (L) x 2.2 (W) x 3.9 (H) meters
Weight 11 tonnes
Total Motor Power 20 kW
Mobile prefeeding system can be moved by only a vehicle just like our mobile concrete plants. It can be shipped also within 40 ft OT container and truck trailer.
Prefeeding Conveyor Video
Prefeeding Conveyor General Layout

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