Movable Block Making Machine
Movable hollow block making machine (egg laying) which produces hollow blocks with the most efficient, practical and economical method in the industry. With its moving production system, there is no need for pallets for hollow block production. Although the machine is operated by one personnel, it achieves a very high hollow block production capacity. Our movable (egg laying) machine is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs in the industry with its practical structure, ease of use and minimal first investment cost. The machine can be equipped with a special mechanism on demand to produce insulated hollow blocks.

The machine is a movable, manually operated hollow block making machine that is capable of producing hollow blocks in various shapes and dimensions by installing different molds on the machine, within the limitations of the machine's frame. The machine produces concrete products on the flat ground by moving in a straight line. The machine does not need pallets for production. The whole plant consists of a main machine, one 4x10 m³ aggregate silos and scaling unit, one spiral blade concrete mixer with a capacity of 600 lt./cycle and various conveying belts.
Movable Block Making Machine Technical Specifications
Control Manual
Usable area on Pallet 850 x 1250 mm
Maximum Block Height 300 mm
Minimum Block Height 185 mm
Frame Dimension (Width-Height-Length) 2750 x 3550 x 2600 mm
Frame Weight 4000 kg
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 96 lt./128 lt
Material Bucket Capacity 1.800 lt
Filling Box Capacity 300 lt
Bottom Vibrators 4x4 kW (Max. 80kN)
Top Vibrators 2x4 kW (Max. 40kN)
Total Electric Motor Powers (Machine) 37 kW
Total Electric Motor Powers (Whole Plant) 89 kW
Shipping friendly equipments of our concrete block plants minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and containers.
Movable Block Making Machine Video
Movable Block Making Machine General Layout

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