JS-3 Crusher Bound for Mongolia: Crushing Journey Ahead!

Embarking on a transformative journey, the JS-3 Crusher, a mobile jaw and impact crusher, is set to make its mark in Mongolia's infrastructure landscape. This innovative machine boasts two chassis, each with distinct capabilities. The first chassis features the powerful CJC-110 Jaw Crusher, capable of producing between 150 to 420 tons per hour, laying a solid foundation for primary crushing needs. Complementing this, the second chassis hosts the CSI-1215 Secondary Impact Crusher, with a production capacity ranging from 300 to 350 tons per hour, ensuring efficient secondary crushing operations. Furthermore, the JS-3 Crusher comes equipped with the CVS-2060, a three-deck vibrating screen capable of handling 192 to 240 tons per hour, enhancing the screening process. With its versatile design and robust capacities, the JS-3 Crusher promises to revolutionize crushing operations in Mongolia, paving the way for enhanced infrastructure development.
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